Tootabi Valley Safaris is a leading hunting outfitter in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and stands proud as the experienced original Tootabi Valley Hunting Safari Outfitter. We are owned and operated by your hosts’ Beans and Marcia du Preez who work every day to reach our goal of being the leading hunting Outfit in Africa.

Our aim is to provide our hunters with a completely tailored hunting experience which has a strong emphasis on personal attention and quality.

We strive to make your safari with us an unforgettable adventure!

Hunting Packages

With more than 30 huntable species in the Eastern Cape our clients can be assured to have the safari of a lifetime.

Break out to the beautiful Eastern Cape for a day of hunting in a malaria free area. Come hunting for the day or book for an extended hunt.

We have a wide variety of game available on our farm.


The property has been in the family since 1850 and is home to the newly renovated lodge.

The original farm house has spacious en-suite rooms, large living spaces, an authentic farm kitchen and all amenities needed for a comfortable stay during your hunting safari in africa.


A Kudu has always held a place in the top two of my hunting bucket list.  With all my hunting experience confined to bow hunting whitetail deer in the North American Midwest, I assumed I would have to slowly check of my list of North American animals before heading outside the country, but after seeing a Facebook friend post pictures from multiple hunting trips to South Africa, I had to look into this further.  He connected me with Beans at Tootabi Valley Safaris.  I am not the type of person to normally run off to another continent with a firearm without going with someone else, but it became apparent that if I wanted to get this done, I could not wait on a travel companion.  From the start Beans made this trip accessible.  He asked details on preferences of game, food, and drink so he could personalize the entire trip. He gave detailed instructions as to transportation, firearm clearance, and paperwork so that the trip went off without a hitch.  Once in South Africa, he picked me up from the airport and personally oversaw every aspect of the trip from that moment on.   The sheer number of game animals that one can harvest on the Eastern Cape is amazing.  He took my wish list and systematically we checked animals off 1-2 per day.  He knew exactly where to look and if it wasn’t on his property, he had access to property where it could be found. We were even able to add a last minute wart hog and an unexpected bonus jackal.  I never dreamed I could get 9 trophies in a total of 8 days in the field. He also took a day off of hunting to take me on a drive through the Addo Elephant National Park, which in itself was worth the trip.  He never let me feel like an ignorant tourist and even though I am a fairly quiet person he and his wife Marcia always made me feel at home and the evening discussions accompanied by amazing food was icing on the cake.  There are so many animals in South Africa that I feel I will always feel like I have a reason to return and I will for sure return to Tootabi Valley Safaris and will definitely recommend them to any hunter who wishes to experience this for themselves.

I first meet Beans while he was on a trip to the US.  Hunting in Africa was always on my bucket list, but never knew how to go about it. We chatted for a long while about hunting and became fast friends.  I was sold on the experience after talking for only a few hours. We planned the trip that very night.
Hunting with Tootabi Valley Safaris is a wonderful experience from beginning to end.  Beans sets you up for success even before you get to Africa.  All of my entry paperwork was waiting when I landed, getting through customs was a breeze.  I wanted to hunt for several different species during my 2 week safari. Needless to say I was not disappointed.  Beans scouted out every trophy from Kudu to Warthog, and knows all the habits of each animal.
The lodge where we stayed was first class and you never went hungry.  Some of my favorite memories of the safari were after the hunts.  When we went back to the lodge and told stories of the days trophy.  Planning out the next days adventure over amazing food and drink.
Needless to say I will only hunt with Beans and Tootabi Valley Safaris.

Beans is an incredible professional hunter. He has a vast knowledge of the animals and always goes above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. You may arrive as a client but you will definitely leave as a friend. His attention to detail and skill in the field as a hunter goes above and beyond. If anyone is interested in hunting in Africa, I always recommend Tootabi Valley Safaris because I know they will provide the trip of a lifetime.

Beans will always have a spot at the table with the Bland Family. This was our first international hunting trip and needless to say Beans set the bar very high. The attention he pays to every detail and making sure everyone’s needs are being fulfilled is amazing. I am fortunate to have a family that loves to hunt. Brandi and I try to make a trip every year and our Eastern Cape experience blew us away. I could go on and on about the animals, the food, and the people but two memories are my favorite. I had the privilege of pulling off the Spiral Horn Grand Slam in one trip. I had no plan of pulling it off with one trip and the quality of the animals made it a huge accomplishment for me. But this pales in comparison to the fun my daughter had. Not many families would take a 5 year old blonde hair blue eye girl to South Africa to go on safari but we are not most families. The way Beans and crew included her on every aspect of every hunt was amazing. She wanted to know everything and do everything. From glassing for kudu to tracking animals she was in the game just as much as we were. Beans made an environment where she could be a big girl but never made any of us to feel for her safety. Our daughter still asks about Beans and VooVoo every week and wants to know when we are heading back!

Beans has been a familiar name around my house for almost 10 years. My wife had made two trips to South Africa with her family in years past to hunt, and no one could tell a story about Beans without a smile and a laugh. I recently had the privelage to experience hunting with him first hand and all I can say is I can’t wait to go back! He knows more about each animal than I could imagine, he knows their habits, their history and their weaknesses. He and his team always show tremendous respect for the individual animal and the conservation of each herd.

I could not have imagined the experience I would have over 12 days in the Eastern Cape but Beans introduced us to new friends, incredible trophy animals and a landscape far more beautiful than expected. I was amazed by the routinely perfect position Beans puts you in on every animal, he would tell me what they were going to do before they did it. It was relaxed and fun and never pressured. He is a fantastic host and Tootabi Valley is a place I look forward to seeing again very soon.

Beans, it was truly a pleasure to see you outwit all of the African game that we pursued. May your life be filled with good hunts, good friends and good times. Your friend forever!

Thanks for making my African hunts so memorable. Your good friend.

Dear Beans, thanks again for the great hunt. It was great having you as my PH. You are a great professional, and I couldn’t have had a better time. Dave and I hope to return again in the not too distant future, but only if you’ll be my guide again. All the best.

Hunting with Beans is pure joy. He is diligent, knowledgeable and determined to help his client find the best game possible. A day in the field can get a little intense, but Beans is easy to be around and has a good sense of humor.